About Us

Gaia is a brand created in 2017 by a group of friends wishing to consolidate their knowledge and vast work experience in the field of food technology, sales and marketing in order to create products that are a healthy and tasty alternative to conventional products.

As a brand, Gaia was designed to fit perfectly into a healthy lifestyle. Main qualities of our brand are: Production of healthy food, unique offer on the market, tending to the needs of our customers, constant expansion of our selection of products.

The Company’s Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our team’s mission is to produce high quality, healthy and delicious products for all those people who want to eat healthy and use a nutritious and tasty alternative to conventional food.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an invaluable and notable asset in the community of healthy food producers by adopting an innovative approach to production, using top quality organic materials and with great passion for what we do.

Our wish is that the food we make and feed our children becomes the top choice for you and your families. We strive to set new standards in the production of healthy food and to fulfill the needs of all of you who have chosen to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Our values

Responsibility: To ourselves, consumers and nature

Positive attitude: We believe that the smile is a man’s best friend. It is easier to overcome all challenges with a positive attitude towards life.

Knowledge: One of the key factors to success in a dynamic and engaging world of healthy food is the adoption and application of new skills and practices.

Passion: We are highly committed to what we do and we do it with great passion and love. We want you, our friends and customers, to taste the passion and joy we poured into our products with the very first bite.

Inventiveness: Development of new and innovative products and providing additional merits to our consumers are traits that will discern us from our competition and place our company at the leading position on the market of health food producers.